Rent an Ice House in Minnesota: What’s Included for Your Trip

Set The Hook Guide Services - Minnesota

Set the Hook is the perfect place to go out if you’re looking for guided ice fishing trips in Minnesota. You can enjoy the outdoors while catching some fish from the comfort of an ice house. Lakes Minnetonka and Waconia offer breathtaking winter scenery, all the light, and fun of the Twin Cities area, and some of the best ice fishing to be found anywhere. Whether you’re an experienced ice angler or new to the sport and looking to rent an ice house, Minnesota’s best fishing tours are right here, with Set the Hook.

We offer fully-stocked ice houses as well as guided ice fishing tours. People searching for “MN ice house rentals” come to us for a reason:

  • We have the experience.
  • We have the equipment.
  • We know exactly how to keep you safe on your fishing trip so that you can focus on what really matters.

Make some memories that will last a lifetime, catch some fish, and do it all amid a gorgeous winter backdrop that includes the pristine scenery of Lake Minnetonka.

If you’re wondering what to expect with your rental, this guide will explain some of the amazing features and benefits of our for-rent ice house. Minnesota has opportunities for spectacular ice fishing. We welcome you to join us and partake in the best ice houses on the market!

Expert Guidance is a Sound Investment

Experience matters, especially when you’re dealing with the ice. While the scenery is beautiful and fishing is a fun sport that your whole family can enjoy, the frozen lake conditions come with risks. Knowing how to mitigate risk, what to look for, and also where to find the best fishing are all things that expert guides will offer for your outdoor adventure.

Set the Hook has guided ice fishing tours because we want everyone to be able to enjoy this richly rewarding experience, and we know the area better than anyone else. It’s practically our backyard; our guides have lived and fished these waters for decades, and it shows. We know where to find the biggest and best fish, whether you’re hunting bass or looking for some other kinds of game fish that are abundant in Lake Minnetonka.

When it comes to winter conditions, that experience really comes in handy. Our tours let you safely enjoy ice fishing so that you and your family can make the most of your time on the lake.

Safety First

Safety is paramount when you’re out on the ice. The scenery is stunning, but if you are unprepared or fail to respect nature, you can find your good time coming to a quick end. This is why we recommend that you rent an ice house. Minnesota’s winter conditions are severe enough to warrant due caution, but with the right gear, you’ll keep yourself safe while getting to reap all the benefits of outdoor winter activities.

Our ice houses have insulated floors to help keep your feet warm and protect you from the worst of the cold. There are holes in the floor; some models come with lights above each fishing hole, and every hole will be pre-drilled. The heat will be on, so when you arrive, you’re already right in the lap of luxury. You don’t have to worry about finding the right fishing places or drilling properly for the thickness of the ice; we’ll take care of all that for you, leaving you with just the fun stuff!

Our luxury ice houses have heating, generators, and a full stock of fishing equipment: bait, rods, reels, underwater cameras, and the whole works.

Good Time for the Whole Group

Bringing your whole family is a great way to make the trip even more exciting. Our luxurious ice houses offer a full suite of amenities so that you don’t have to give up any of your comforts while you’re enjoying the icy outdoors. In addition to the heating mentioned above, our ice houses provide electricity so that you can have light, and even a TV for those times you want to watch something while waiting for that bite, or when you’re unwinding for bed at night. Speaking of which, our ice houses can comfortably sleep multiple people, so you have every reason to bring your family with you on the trip.

Maybe you want to cook some of your catches, or you would like to enjoy some favorite family recipes while you’re out on the ice. We’ve got you covered with cooktops and ovens that let you enjoy a hot meal, no matter how cold it is outside! A microwave is perfect for those quick snacks or to reheat your cocoa or tea! Some models include a dinette, so you can even share a meal over the table.

You can also enjoy some tunes with our stereos and CD players because a bit of music to go with your fishing can be a nice change of pace. Or, you can open up multiple windows and enjoy the sounds of the outdoors.

With the combination of our guided ice fishing trips, Minnesota’s best ice houses to rent, and a spirit of adventure, you’re sure to have a great time on Lake Minnetonka.

Becoming Addicted to Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is amazingly addictive. Look at all those results for “MN ice house rental” searches—it’s a popular search for a reason! Fishing during the summer is great, but winter fishing offers a quiet, serene charm you can’t find anywhere else. We’re here to help you make the most of your time on the ice so that you don’t have to worry about prep and maintenance. If you book a guided ice fishing trip with Set the Hook, you’ll get all the fun with no hassle!

Come see what Lake Minnetonka has to offer in the wintertime. Bring your family, catch some fish, and make some memories.