The Most Common Ice Fishing Myths and Why You Shouldn’t Let Them Stop You

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What is ice fishing? To many, it is the pastime of a person who wears a thick parka huddled over a small hole, trying to catch fish in the middle of frozen nowhere. It is an ice fishing myth that has remained prevalent through children’s media and misinformation. It is something people who live in the snow do to pass the time and forage for food, be it in Canada, Alaska, Russia, or Greenland, with a large self-made home looming behind them to sleep in when the howling winds get too cold.

In actuality, Ice fishing is a fun, group-oriented activity you can only enjoy for a short time each year. Not everyone can experience the joys of ice fishing due to location, so ice fishing myths form to fill in the unknown gaps in someone’s knowledge. Some of these ice fishing myths are rooted in anxieties about being on a field of ice coupled with terrifying stories of people breaking through the ice and being trapped in freezing waters.

At Set The Hook, we want to take a moment to talk about the most common ice fishing myths and explain why they are fiction and not factual accounts of the joy of ice fishing.

Myth 1: It Will Be Too Cold

Winter is a frigid month for some people. Winter is also one of the only times you can enjoy ice fishing, so the two beliefs are often attached. While ice fishing can be cold due to the outside temperature, you will wear equipment that keeps you warm and insulated.

What kind of equipment? A pair of solid boots to avoid slipping on the ice, pants, a thick jacket, a cap, and some gloves will keep you feeling comfortable even if the temperature outside is not. You won’t feel the chill of the ice against your skin because every part of you will be covered, just as it would be if you wanted to take a walk during the winter.

Of course, it would be cold if you lacked the proper equipment. At Set The Hook, we offer ice fishing houses to retreat into when the weather is too much for you to handle or if you need to change your clothes without being struck by the chilly weather. Chilly, not freezing, as many would have you believe.

So, does the ice fishing myth of it being too cold hold up? Not at all. Ice fishing is no more challenging than any winter pastime. In fact, it can be a lot warmer, as you have an ice house to help you if you start to feel a chill you think your body cannot handle. Plus, as a group activity, the warmth of companionship as you share stories, drinks, and catches with one another will rival any summer camping trip.

Myth 2: Ice Fishing Is Dangerous

No. Ice fishing is not dangerous. When you go ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka, there are designated fishing spots that are permissible for the sport and places where it is not. You will never need to fear falling through thin ice or being drowned by freezing waters, as those are fictional tropes in movies and television.

When a body of water hardens, the surface thickens more than we think. And no, human body temperature will not break or melt the ice. The water underneath is freezing and much colder than any warmth we could produce. The chances of you falling into the ice are just a myth, especially on Lake Minnetonka. Since 1880, ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka has been a safe place where stories are shared, memories are made, and tasty fish are caught!

Is ice fishing dangerous? No. It is just an ice-fishing myth. Though walking on ice seems like a terrifying experience, you can trust that the experts at Settle The Hook are experienced and will never take you somewhere dangerous. The ice will not crack, and you will not be plunged into the water and become a giant ice cube. That is for movies and television, a fiction to add drama to an otherwise safe and secure pastime.

Myth 3: You Have To Use Bait Instead of Flies

Incorrect. You can use whatever you want when ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka. Live bait is not required to hook a fish. Using more potent bait will probably yield more results, such as waxworms, minnows, or something else the fish you’re looking to catch will eat, but it is not required. Fish are unique animals, but they are quickly drawn in by something they perceive as food, whether it is food or not.

Recently, summer lures have also worked to attract fish. The animals hunt based on movement and are not necessarily able to “smell” live bait.

Myth 4: It Will Be Boring

Nobody likes a boring trip, but this one ice-fishing myth holds no weight. Why would ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka be boring? You get to fish, take in nature, and breathe fresh, crisp air.

When people think of ice fishing, they think of a solitary person sitting over a small hole trying to catch their meal. Real ice fishing is about the experience, the friends and family you bring, and the joy of spending time together doing something fun. Watching your children pull a fish from the water or seeing your friend slip and land right on their butt are stories that will be told for years.

Now, there is an argument to be made that it could be boring if you went along. But ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka is more than just a fishing trip. It is a chance to get away from it all, go somewhere no one can find you, and revel in the frosted beauty of nature. You can take a deep, chilly breath and smell the coming spring. Besides, there are hundreds of ice anglers just like you wanting to experience the same beauty and joy you will experience. Lake Minnetonka is known for its ice fishing clubs, and you are guaranteed to make lifelong connections over a small hole in the lake.

The only way ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka can be boring is if you do not take full advantage of the opportunity.

Myth 5: Too Much Work, Not Enough Play

If you are not near Minnesota, it can be daunting to travel just for a weekend of ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka. We understand that, but once you make that decision, the rest of the trip becomes one of, if not the greatest, vacation destinations for a lover of the outdoors. And besides, half the fun is the journey. Think about all the places you’ll see on your way out here, all the people you’ll meet, and all the experiences you’ll receive. Memories will continue to grow once you arrive and once you leave.

Ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka is not difficult at all, especially if you bring along help. At Set The Hook, we provide ice fishing equipment, services, and guides to help maximize your fishing experience. Why should you work so hard for something that should be enjoyable? Leave that to us, and focus on making your fishing experience the best.

Don’t Get Hooked By Myths

Now that we’ve gone over all the ice fishing myths you’ve probably heard, let’s discuss why you shouldn’t avoid making the journey to start ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka. Whatever anxieties or myths you may have about ice fishing can easily be put in your mind by contacting us. At Settle The Hook, we are passionate about making your fishing experience memorable.

Now, to reiterate these myths and how we refute them:

It Will Be Too Cold

At Set The Hook, we have a comprehensive guide on what you should bring to ensure your fishing experience is as comfortable as possible. Again, ice fishing is no colder than any other winter sport, so dress appropriately for it and if something happens, know that Lake Minnetonka is famous for its tourism. You won’t have to wait long to find a replacement so you can continue to enjoy your newest passion.

Danger, Danger!

Ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka is safer than driving a car. Minnesota has guidelines on where ice fishing can occur. Our fishing guide experts are natives of the Lake and know exactly how to maximize your fishing experience, so you have a story to tell when you reluctantly leave us.

And, if something did happen, such as frostbite or a thrashing fish whipping you in the face, our fishing guides know exactly what to do and can make a rough moment into a minor inconvenience.

I Don’t Have Bait, Only Flies

Just because you are missing something convenient doesn’t immediately invalidate the adventure you are about to go on. At Set The Hook, we provide bait if you need it, but we also know how to make flies and lures work without the need for bait. Our guides have decades of experience; many have fished with power bait, regular bait, and no bait flies.

It Will Be Boring

It goes without saying, but you get what you bring to ice fishing. Our guides and equipment can turn what you perceive as a tedious endeavor into one everyone will love. Our ice house rentals (with most of the equipment you need to start your adventure the right way, regardless of your experience level) are perfect for a friends and family getaway.

Most ice-fishing myths imply you will be alone, but where is the fun in that? Ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka is an experience that nothing else can replicate. You can bring board games for the kids while the adults trade beers around the fishing hole and prepare a nice meal with the fish you caught.

It is hard to put the ice fishing experience into words, so we won’t even try anymore. Take a look at our testimonials and decide if the ice fishing myths will keep you away!

Too Much Work, No Playtime

Ice fishing is fun for everyone! Regardless of your age or experience, nothing beats a weekend getaway in an ice house, especially if you are from a state where it is a foreign concept to have a frozen lake in winter. Children love it, as it satisfies their desires to see the snow and live out the fantasies they see in cartoons, video games, and internet videos. Our fishing guides contribute to the fun by providing expert tips for all ages to make a big catch and take home something (or eat something) that is worth remembering for years.

We can say wholeheartedly that you get what you put in. But what if you are still skeptical and concerned about those ice-fishing myths? If you attempt to ice fish with the myth of it being too cold, tedious, dangerous, expensive, and too much work, you will enter a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Look For Us on Lake Minnetonka

Ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka can become an annual holiday experience for you and your loved ones. Set The Hook Guides Services can ensure that your yearly holidays will be the best they can be. With our ice houses, supplied equipment, knowledgeable expertise, and dedication to the passion of the sport, we thrive on being able to assist you in whatever you hope to accomplish here at Lake Minnetonka.

Whether it is a family vacation, a friend’s birthday party, a getaway with your partner, or even a team-building activity with coworkers, ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka will be ready for you, teeming with life and memories to be shared. Are you ready for your adventure?