Fishing On Lake Minnetonka: What Fish Will You Catch

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When thinking of fishing on Lake Minnetonka, understand upfront that some fish are only present at certain times depending on the seasonal water temperatures. As such, some fish, such as largemouth bass or northern pike, will be present when the water is warmer. Others, like crappies and sunfish, are more common when the water is cool but warming up.

But how can you best prepare for the type of fish you expect to catch? For starters, you will still need a fishing license to begin your fishing excursion on Lake Minnetonka, so get that squared away asap!

Largemouth Bass

Bass is one of the most common fish in Lake Minnetonka and is the most popular fish by native and visiting anglers. They are fun to catch and can be an impressive fish for the perfect photo op.

Bass Check

Fishing for bass is fun and easy. All that’s required is a rod, lure, reel, tackle, and some other fishing equipment. To angle for Lake Minnetonka fish, however, you should think about hiring and scheduling a professional guide which comes with all the equipment you could possibly need. Doing so can ensure you snag a bass or three successfully and understand precisely where and how to look for these often clever fish.

Northern Pike

Fishing on Lake Minnetonka, you will come across countless northern pike. They are carnivorous and firm fish known to strip the reels out of an inexperienced angler’s hand!

Prepare for Battle

Northern pike follow the same rules as bass, since they too are a popular and well-known Lake Minnetonka fish breed. Hunting northern pike should be accompanied by a guide if you have children present or if you are an inexperienced angler. The fish is notoriously strong and can easily snap a reel or provide a challenge to an angler that isn’t adequately prepared.


Fishing on Lake Minnetonka, there is a high chance you will see and tangle with Walleye. They are fantastic fish and can provide a decent challenge to both experienced and inexperienced anglers.

Still a Challenge

Walleye are not as tough as northern pike, but taking them alone can be challenging. We suggest finding a guide or contracting a local group to help you “get your feet wet,” as it were, to ensure you and your family have a great experience!

Ice Fishing

If you’re looking for an even more exciting way of fishing or are planning a relaxing getaway for hosting family and friends, you could try ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka. You’ll catch an assortment of different fish and can rent every supply you need from us here at Set the Hook Guides.

In Summer and Winter, you can maximize the haul of bass, pike, and many other fish. Each catch should supply a story to tell around the watercooler at work and have you falling in love with Lake Minnetonka!