How to Drill the Perfect Ice Fishing Hole

Ice fishing is a popular winter sport to bring family and friends together. Enjoying a day out on the lake catching walleye and bass starts with loading up your gear and heading out early in the morning to start your day.

Although there’s a long list of the essential gear you need to ice fish, we’re here to discuss the one that will get you into the ice: an ice fishing auger! We’ll walk you through how to drill that perfect ice fishing hole and answer the questions a new ice fisherman usually has, like “What size should my ice fishing hole be?” and “What kind of augur should I use?”

Drilling The Perfect Hole

Drilling holes in the ice takes some practice, but you’ll be a pro at it before too long. Make sure you drill your hole straight. If it’s at an angle, you’ll have trouble getting the ice fishing auger out, and when you go fishing, you won’t be able to see your hook, and you’ll catch the edge of the ice. If you get a fish on a ragged hole, likely the fish will get leverage on the uneven surface and get away from you.

Ice fishing holes can range from 6 to 10 inches in diameter, but the perfect hole size is 8 inches. The 8-inch hole allows you to pull most fish through and is achievable even with a hand-powered ice fishing auger. There are a few situations where the standard 8-inch diameter hole isn’t a great fit.

Ice Thickness

Deeper ice is harder to drill, and no matter the type of auger you use, it can be hard work getting through thick ice. It’s essential to think about how much energy you exert to get through the ice, as a 6-inch auger will be easier to get through 2 feet of ice than an 8-inch auger. You’ll want to avoid sweating as it will chill you in sub-zero temperatures.

A narrow hole in deep ice gives a fighting fish more control than the angler. While this isn’t too big of a deal with panfish, a larger walleye or lake trout can snap your line and be difficult to pull through a narrower hole. Your ice fishing hole should match the ice thickness of your location, so it’s vital to pick a corresponding ice fishing auger with the correct diameter.

An 8-inch hand auger is alright for ice less than 18 inches, but on days where you’re moving holes often, a gas or electric auger is a must.

What Fish Are You Trying To Catch?

Don’t work yourself to exhaustion, drilling big holes for big fish. A 10-pound walleye is only 5 to 6 inches thick and could quickly come up through an 8-inch hole. If you’re regularly catching 30-lb lake trout, you might consider a larger 10-inch hole, but for the average-sized walleye and panfish, a 6 to 8-inch hole will work just fine.

How Many Holes Are You Drilling?

With a heavily insulated jacket in sub-zero weather, drilling holes isn’t easy–especially if you’re moving spots quite a bit. Sometimes, finding fish involves drilling one hole after another until you get bites. In order not to work up a sweat, make sure your auger size is suited to how many holes you’ll be drilling. Think about using a motorized version to protect yourself from exhaustion and hypothermia.

Ice Fishing Safety

A hole should never be big enough for a person to fall into. A large hole takes longer to freeze solid, and while the top layer will freeze first, it might only be an inch or two thick by the time someone else is walking to their spot. Going through the ice into excruciatingly cold water is life-threatening and traumatic. It can lead to death. Never make a hole larger than 10 inches in diameter. It’s just not needed, and your life or someone else’s could be at stake.

Hand Auger vs Machine Auger

In the old days, anglers used just a pry bar and a chisel. Thankfully, nowadays, we have ice fishing augers.

Hand Powered Augers

Hand-powered augers are built to use your strength. They’re a good workout early in the morning, but if you’re looking to drill multiple holes or move spots, a hand-auger will probably lead to an aching arm. Take this into account before you invest in this as your only option.

Gas-powered Augers

Gas-powered augers are falling out of favor. Though they do drill through the ice impressively, a machine malfunctioning out on the ice can be a pain to fix. Not to mention, you’ll need to fill it with gasoline (and worry about having spare gas on hand when you travel). That said, these augers are much better than hand-powered augers if you need to drill multiple holes in a short amount of time, so they’re great for multi-day trips or fishing with buddies. Remember to lift your auger up and down after getting through the ice. The motion will clear much of the slush and ice out of the hole.

Electric Augers

There are also ion-battery augers. Environmentally friendly and easy to use on the ice, the only downfall to these is the battery time. While they can make multiple holes quickly, these electric augers will eventually need a longer charge.

Drill Augers

Cutting holes with a drill auger doesn’t have to be work. It can even be enjoyable. An ice fishing auger kit is usually an adapter kit to fit an auger drill. Drill augers can beat out many of the top gas-powered augers on the market without the hassle of gas attached.

The rule of thumb is that if you’re only drilling one hole during your session, a manual-powered auger will definitely reduce the amount of gear you have to bring out on the ice. If you’re drilling three or more holes during the outing, you’ll want a motor-driven auger so that you don’t build up a sweat. With conditions changing quickly out on the ice, working up a sweat can lead to hypothermia.

Guided Ice Fishing

The best way to learn ice fishing is to first go on a guided ice fishing tour with an experienced angler. Lake Minnetonka is one of the best ice fishing spots in Minnesota, and Set the Hook offers guided ice fishing tours that will get you set up with the ice fishing techniques you need to make this a permanent part of your winter traditions. Through experience and careful guidance, you’ll learn what makes the best ice fishing hole.

When is the Best Time for Ice Fishing in Minnesota

As temperatures drop and snow rolls in, Minnesota transforms into a wonderland for anglers looking to catch bass, walleye, and panfish. Ice houses begin to dot the frozen lakes, and outdoor enthusiasts head out to fish in these temporary shanties. Winter weather doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside, and an ice fishing trip means time to bond with friends and loved ones who can’t wait to start fishing with you. Below, we’ll cover what months the ice fishing season in Minnesota spans. After we break it down month by month, you’ll know the best time for ice fishing in Minnesota.

Ice fishing is an exciting thrill for new anglers. Cutting a hole through the ice with an auger and then fishing through the ice to catch a fish is a lot of fun, and you’ll likely remember your early attempts for the rest of your life. If you’ve never been ice fishing before, it’s essential to learn from an experienced angler. Services like guided tours will cover how to drill through the ice, what equipment is needed to start ice fishing, and how to catch a fish. 

While we can definitely advise you on the best time for ice fishing in Minnesota, booking a guided tour can fill in the rest of the knowledge gaps to make ice fishing relaxing, fun, and approachable for inexperienced anglers. Ice fishing season in Minnesota spans from January to March, when the ice is thicker than four inches.

What is Ice Fishing?

When the lakes freeze over, native Minnesotans trek out onto the lakes and make whole ice shanty communities to fish. Even still, many go out with only a fishing pole, a hand-operated auger, and a lure to catch some fish for a few hours. Ice fishing is drilling through thick ice to fish underneath it, and Minnesota has made it an art. Whole resorts and guide services offer gear rentals and comfortable, pre-heated ice houses for anyone who wants a good time. Pre-heated ice houses can make any winter month the best time for ice fishing in Minnesota.

You’ll need to buy or rent gear if you’re new to ice fishing:

  • Slush scoop
  • Rods
  • Reels
  • Lines
  • A machine or hand-powered Auger
  • Tip-ups
  • Tackle
  • Bait and fish bucket
  • Warm clothing with layers

Summer fishing poles can be too stiff for ice fishing and won’t work if you’re in an ice house. Depending on how many holes you will dig, weighing a machine or hand-powered auger is essential. Ensure your gear is water-resistant and that you don’t over-layer. 

A Note On Safety

As with any ice fishing venture, make sure you know how much ice is safe. A day or two of frost will not build up enough ice to support the weight of you, your fish, and all your gear. Ice fishing accidents are rare because experienced anglers exercise caution and common sense. The rule of thumb is that ice is safe to walk on when it reaches four inches thick. However, that’s only the standard for clear ice. Cloudy ice must have at least six inches before venturing out onto it.

Always take safety seriously on the ice. Familiarize yourself with the signs of hypothermia:

  • Shivering
  • Exhaustion or feeling tired
  • Confusion
  • Fumbling hands
  • Memory loss
  • Slurred speech
  • Drowsiness

Ice fishing is a physical activity. It’s essential to know the signs of hypothermia and not over-exert yourself. Staying safe on the ice should always be your top priority. A heated ice house can alleviate the stress for anyone new to the sport. Consider giving one a try.

The Ice Fishing Seasons

Here’s what you should know to prepare for ice fishing season:


The real kick-off of ice fishing season is in January. The Department of Natural Resources in Minnesota even offers a Take a Kid Ice Fishing trial where residents can fish or spearfish for free when accompanied by a child 15 or under. It’s an excellent way to try it out before investing heavily in gear. While it might be dark and cold outside, holed up in a warm ice fishing house in January makes for a great time–everywhere you look, ice fishing is in full swing. January is the best time for ice fishing in Minnesota, and it can lead to some great catches.


February is the last month of walleye season for many of the inland waters of Minnesota. Each fish species has an open season, but only some carry a closed-season label. Lake Minnetonka has a chance of big fish in February. The ice fishing season in Minnesota during February ice fishing is winding down slowly but isn’t entirely done yet, and there are still a few more ice fishing trips to get in. It’s not the best time for ice fishing in Minnesota, but February can come close.


March’s ice conditions can impact access to the lakes. It can shut the season out early when the ice starts to break down because of an early thaw. March, however, can bring excitement for many anglers. Some parts of Minnesota allow ice houses until March 31st, but you’ll find that in others, they must be removed by March 21st or earlier. Be sure to check the rules of your location.

March is known as a great season for catching sunfish and perch. Since March is a transition period for many fish species, they can move miles away from where they were. This causes a need for additional food during those final stages of gestation and leads to a lot of bites in March. The warming temperatures mean the end of the ice fishing season in Minnesota.

The Winner: January

January is the best time to go ice fishing in Minnesota, but it isn’t the only month where you’ll have a great time. Ice fishing season in Minnesota can stretch to March with the right weather and thick ice.

If you’re new to ice fishing and want to know more, try booking an experienced guide like Set the Hook before you head out on the ice. The best time for ice fishing in Minnesota can be from when the lakes freeze over to the end of the season, and each trip leads to great memories.

Ice Fishing in Minnesota | The Complete Guide

Early ice sets in when November hits Minnesota, and temperatures begin to drop. It will not be long until the frozen water becomes a hub of activity with ice fishing houses and native Minnesotans. With morning rays reflecting off the ice, anglers seek to catch the multitude of fish that usually dwell out of reach beneath the surface. If you’re ready to conquer the winter chill and catch a big one, we’ve got you covered with this all-inclusive guide to ice fishing in Minnesota. Since Lake Minnetonka is one of Minnesota’s best ice fishing spots, we’ll advise you on Lake Minnetonka ice fishing. Get ready for winter fun.

What Is Ice Fishing?

Ice fishing in Minnesota is a time-honored tradition. Ice fishing is an exciting and fun experience for everyone when winter sets in. Getting started is easier than it seems, and learning from an experienced ice-fishing angler can make the process enjoyable. 

Minnesota’s most popular winter species to catch include Walleyes and Panfish. Just after sundown is the best time to catch Crappies and Walleyes, while Northern Pike can be caught any time of the day. Ice fishing can be done any time of the day, and most fish are active at dawn and dusk. Ice house rentals offer modern-day convenience and warmth, letting you fish through the night.

Ice fishing is a social activity. Bring your kids or friends for a few days out on the ice and enjoy a nice vacation. Schedule a family trip with siblings and cousins to get the family together during winter.

Minnesota Ice Fishing Season

Winter blows in sooner and leaves later in Minnesota compared to the rest of the United States. Lakes here build up a thick frozen layer of ice for days, which is vital. Ice fishing season starts in late November and early December and ends in March. 

Lake Minnetonka ice fishing is a fantastic experience that’ll have you pulling up a ton of fish. From good panfishing experiences to Northern Pike and Walleye fishing, Lake Minnetonka is one of the best spots to fish in Minnesota.

Winter Safety: Staying Warm

First, layer up! Dressing for cold temperatures means being specific about every piece of gear you put on. Your outfit should include the following:

  • A hat
  • A scarf or knit mask that covers the face and mouth
  • Sleeves that are snug against your wrist
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Several layers of loose-fitting clothing
  • Snow pants
  • Ice cleats
  • Waterproof boots
  • Waterproof/Water resistant jacket

The right layers and gear are essential to staying warm. Your inner layers should hold more body heat but not absorb moisture, and then you should have an insulation layer. Your outer layer is critical when ice fishing. This outer layer protects you from wind, rain, and snow and should be water and wind resistant to reduce loss of body heat. Knowing the signs of hypothermia and frostbite is essential during any winter activity. 

When toting gear across the lake, you can work up a sweat, so monitoring your layers and waiting to pull on the warmest after you’ve hauled your gear in is the best way not to overheat. If Minnesota ice fishing seems intimidating, consider a guided ice-fishing trip with a professional who will guide you through what we cover here.

Ice Thickness: Prioritize Your Safety

While having the right equipment is essential, knowing how to stay safe on the ice is crucial. Ice is never 100% safe. You can’t judge the strength of ice by how long it has been cold, and cold water is hazardous. White ice, or “snow ice,” is only half as strong as clear ice. Check ice thickness at least every 150 feet to be safe.

For new, clear ice, the DNR of Minnesota suggests the following thickness for activities:

  • Under 4″: Stay off the ice.
  • 4″ – Ice fishing and other on-foot activities
  • 5″ – 7″: Snowmobiles or ATVs can be supported
  • 8″ – 12″: Car or small pickup
  • 12″ – 15″: Medium truck

Ice Fishing Gear: Everything You Need

The amount of gear you need and use runs the gamut when ice fishing. Here, we’ll break down the absolute essentials. If you are still deciding if you want to go all-in, keep in mind that fishing guides like Set the Hook have high-quality outdoor fishing gear for rent. Renting an ice fishing house can take much of the planning needed out of Lake Minnetonka ice fishing, as you’ll have professional equipment without having to hunt for it.

Fishing License

Make sure you pick up your daily or yearly fishing license from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. There are options for individual permits and married couples, as well as a non-resident license that allows out-of-state visitors to enjoy Minnesota ice fishing.


Augers are machines used in Minnesota ice fishing to cut through the ice. One of the most popular choices is one with a drill attachment. There are a variety of augers that you can use, with their own benefits and drawbacks. The old-school manual auger doesn’t require batteries or gas but uses arm power, which can wear you out. A gas-powered auger will cut through thicker ice but has disadvantages like gasoline and fumes that can lower your chances of catching fish. Many people go for lithium-ion augers that are great for cutting through the ice but have concerns such as battery life. 

Ice Fishing Rods

You’ll have lighter, medium, and heavy-action rods depending on your intended catch. While lighter fishing rods load up more fully on the rod, these are intended for smaller fish. Lighter rods are only rated for 3 to 5-lb fish. 

Medium to heavier action rods are more extended and stout. They usually only load up weight on the rod’s tip and have more rigidity to handle larger fish. You want to use this if you’re going for big fish.

Ice Fishing Lines, Ice Jigs, and Tackle

With so many on the market, we recommend using robust and low-visibility fishing lines will yield better results while fishing. With different ice jigs and tackle, teardrop jigs are great. Spoons and Swedish pimple fishing lures are suitable for Northern Pike. If you’re going for Walleye or Bass, use a swimbait—the quick movements of a swimbait trick predator fish into biting.


Try wax worms, maggots or minnows for ice-fishing live bait. You can try slowly jigging to attract the fish, but it also works with artificial bait. Plastic ice fishing lures can attract smaller fish reasonably easily. Though if you want to go for the larger fish, you’ll need a large hook with sizable live bait. Minnows, smelt, are an excellent choice for this. Big sucker minnows are fantastic for Northern Pike, and smaller ones will help you catch some Walleye.

Ice Cleats, Ice Spikes, Rope, and Whistle

A pair of ice cleats, rope, spikes, and a whistle are essential for safety. Ice cleats will keep you from slipping and getting injured when walking across the ice. If you fall through the ice, a pair of ice spikes and a whistle can save your life.


A sturdy ice fishing shelter is a must for ice fishing in Minnesota. The options range from all-season tents designed for all weather conditions to ice shanties, with the warmest options being the ice fishing houses that dot the ice come winter.

Ice Fishing Tents

You’ll want a tent that can comfortably shield you from the cold and the wind, so pick an all-season double-layer tent with heavy fabric. The floor should be insulating and waterproof. There are specific ice fishing tents with a stove jack that can keep you warm and allow you to cook meals on the ice. Your tent should have proper ventilation and enough space to accommodate your group. Ice fishing tents can suffer in heavy wind conditions and take longer to heat up.

Ice Fishing Flip-Overs

A Flip-Over ice shelter is for one or two anglers at a time. These small ice shelters allow you to pull the tent over you in a single motion. While they’re quick and easy to set up and tear down, they only have a little space and require a vehicle or trailer to transport.

Ice Fishing House

These long-term shelters are solid structures usually equipped with many modern-day commodities. TV sets, heaters, generators, stoves, beds, and bathrooms are all great when it’s been a long day on the ice. There are usually holes in the floor so that you can sit in warmth the entire time you’re fishing, and ice fishing houses equipped with a rattle reel can catch a lot of fish. The rattle reels can even wake up heavy sleepers who want to fish all night long when it might be easier to catch fish.

Feeling a Little Lost?

Not a problem. Hauling all your gear out into the cold for long hours can be exhausting, and the set-up can be a vast time-sink when you could just be catching fish. Whether you’re an experienced ice fisherman or just starting Lake Minnetonka ice fishing for the first time, staying warm, comfortable, and safe out on the ice is the top priority. Check out our options below if you want a smooth ice fishing experience.

Ice Fishing House Rentals

Don’t want to bother with an auger or being cold? Rent an ice fishing house when you go to Lake Minnetonka ice fishing. Set the Hook provides ice fishing houses with everything you need to go Minnesota ice fishing. That includes tackle, rods, reels, underwater cameras, tip-ups, and bait. When you arrive, the heat will be on, and the holes will be drilled. Rent a half day or a full day to suit your needs.

If you’re using an ice fishing house rental for your trip, the only gear you’ll need to bring with you is:

  • Clothes
  • Fishing License
  • Fish bag or bucket to take your catch home
  • Food and drinks
  • Sleepings bags and pillows, if staying overnight

These ice fishing houses are moved over the season as the hot spots change, ensuring you get the best catch. Fishing in a high-quality, well-equipped ice fishing house allows you to bring your kids along without worrying about them getting cold. Ice fishing is a fantastic way to build a childhood memory for your kids during the winter.

Professional Guided Tours

There are inherent dangers to Minnesota ice fishing. Ice conditions, traveling safety, and ice thickness are all factors to be mindful of. It’s best to learn these things from an experienced ice-fishing angler. While ice fishing is easy and exciting, having a professional to learn from means you’re prepared for the adventure of ice fishing in Minnesota.

There are a wealth of tips and tricks that experienced anglers know on how to catch Walleye, Northern Pike, Crappies, and more. Relax with time away from work and let Set The Hook provide Tuned Up custom fishing rods and Clam Gravity Elite Reels. We’ll bring the best bait and our Yetti ice fishing house rental.

Got a Large Group?

If you’re looking for your next large get-together, Set the Hook offers grouped fishing houses to accommodate large group sizes. Our rental services include corporate group trips and large family get-togethers. Step out of your usual events and embrace ice fishing in Minnesota!

Have Fun This Winter!

Don’t be intimidated by ice fishing. You can always rent before you buy and see if ice fishing is for you. Thousands of Minnesotans enjoy ice fishing on the lake every winter, and even beginner fishermen will have a great time fishing under a guided tour. Lake Minnetonka holds Northern Pike, Walleye, and Muskie and is one of Minnesota’s best bass lakes. Get your guided tour scheduled today so you can join the fun every winter. Good luck out there!

How to Prepare for Your First Ice Fishing Trip in Minnesota

The time has finally come. You have scheduled a weekend getaway to go ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka, and you are beyond excited to get on the lake and start fishing through the ice, just as thousands of content creators do on social media.

But… are you prepared? Do you have everything you need? Do you have the right equipment, and can you get it there if you don’t? At Set The Hook Guide Services, we have compiled a list of suggested preparations before you arrive so you can maximize your comfort and enjoyment as you go ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka.

Know the Land

Do your research about Lake Minnetonka before arriving. While there are many helpful services here to assist you in navigating a foreign place, the time you spend worrying about where to go and how to get there is taken from the minutes that matter as you sit back and drop your line before getting comfortable.

What should you research? Well, it will be complicated given the immense database that is on the internet. You could inquire where the best fishing spots are at Lake Minnetonka, but that is subject to change based on who is writing about it–or worse, you get an outside source who has never even seen Lake Minnetonka trying to be a Minnesota ice fishing guide.

We can alleviate much of that burden, giving you plenty of free time to spend on why you came to Minnesota. Our Minnesota ice fishing guides are experts who know the land. They are natives who know where to fish and can navigate the lake with the experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Dress Appropriately

If you are from the west coast or further south, you may not be accustomed to or even know what to expect from Minnesota’s cool, chilly weather. While our Minnesota ice fishing guides can guide you through the frozen lake and beyond with their experience, we cannot provide accurate sportswear for winter weather. There are many shops and boutiques in Minnesota that can provide them for you, but that is wasted time that could be spent ice fishing.

What types of clothing do we recommend? Anything that can keep you warm and insulate heat, like a parka, pants, gloves, and boots. These cannot (usually) be provided by our Minnesota ice fishing guides.


What do you need to ice fish? That depends on your skill level and comfort. You will need rods, bait, a license to fish for Minnesota, an ice house, and so much more. It can be a lot if you are not an avid ice angler, and expensive if you purchase it for a one-time weekend. Set The Hook Guide Services removes the cost and replaces it with a straightforward rental with rods, bait, an ice house, and Minnesota ice fishing guides who can ensure your equipment is working correctly and the best option for your intended fishing goals.

We also recommend bringing a pillow and sleeping bags, so if you spend the night, you can rest comfortably and snugly in something made just for you.

Bring Entertainment and Food

Ice fishing is a lot like camping and can be a lengthy adventure. Sometimes it can take a good amount of daylight to snag even a tiny amount of fish, and other days there just isn’t enough fish to go around. With an ice house, however, the fun doesn’t stop when the fish stop biting. You can retreat into the ice house with board games, books, television, and more. You can even play on the ice and in the snow, which is excellent for children and pets. This makes ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka perfect for large and small groups looking to spend a weekend together.

We recommend bringing food. While you can catch fish and cook them (if you desire), the fun of ice fishing is catching the fish and letting them go. It is an experience and one that is complemented by food. Several ice houses come with a stove and oven, perfect for making delicious meals you can share around the fishing hole. Snacks are always appreciated.

Plus, not everyone likes fish. Diversity is the key to a successful meal!

Use the Tools Provided

We give you a lot of awesome tools during your trip, like our underwater camera. This captures the fish below the surface, allowing you to always keep your eye on them. It also ensures you have an easier time catching more fish, which is never a bad thing!

If you have questions not answered in this guide, feel free to contact us, and we will handle any concerns or anxieties you may have about ice fishing in Minnesota!

The Most Common Ice Fishing Myths and Why You Shouldn’t Let Them Stop You

What is ice fishing? To many, it is the pastime of a person who wears a thick parka huddled over a small hole, trying to catch fish in the middle of frozen nowhere. It is an ice fishing myth that has remained prevalent through children’s media and misinformation. It is something people who live in the snow do to pass the time and forage for food, be it in Canada, Alaska, Russia, or Greenland, with a large self-made home looming behind them to sleep in when the howling winds get too cold.

In actuality, Ice fishing is a fun, group-oriented activity you can only enjoy for a short time each year. Not everyone can experience the joys of ice fishing due to location, so ice fishing myths form to fill in the unknown gaps in someone’s knowledge. Some of these ice fishing myths are rooted in anxieties about being on a field of ice coupled with terrifying stories of people breaking through the ice and being trapped in freezing waters.

At Set The Hook, we want to take a moment to talk about the most common ice fishing myths and explain why they are fiction and not factual accounts of the joy of ice fishing.

Myth 1: It Will Be Too Cold

Winter is a frigid month for some people. Winter is also one of the only times you can enjoy ice fishing, so the two beliefs are often attached. While ice fishing can be cold due to the outside temperature, you will wear equipment that keeps you warm and insulated.

What kind of equipment? A pair of solid boots to avoid slipping on the ice, pants, a thick jacket, a cap, and some gloves will keep you feeling comfortable even if the temperature outside is not. You won’t feel the chill of the ice against your skin because every part of you will be covered, just as it would be if you wanted to take a walk during the winter.

Of course, it would be cold if you lacked the proper equipment. At Set The Hook, we offer ice fishing houses to retreat into when the weather is too much for you to handle or if you need to change your clothes without being struck by the chilly weather. Chilly, not freezing, as many would have you believe.

So, does the ice fishing myth of it being too cold hold up? Not at all. Ice fishing is no more challenging than any winter pastime. In fact, it can be a lot warmer, as you have an ice house to help you if you start to feel a chill you think your body cannot handle. Plus, as a group activity, the warmth of companionship as you share stories, drinks, and catches with one another will rival any summer camping trip.

Myth 2: Ice Fishing Is Dangerous

No. Ice fishing is not dangerous. When you go ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka, there are designated fishing spots that are permissible for the sport and places where it is not. You will never need to fear falling through thin ice or being drowned by freezing waters, as those are fictional tropes in movies and television.

When a body of water hardens, the surface thickens more than we think. And no, human body temperature will not break or melt the ice. The water underneath is freezing and much colder than any warmth we could produce. The chances of you falling into the ice are just a myth, especially on Lake Minnetonka. Since 1880, ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka has been a safe place where stories are shared, memories are made, and tasty fish are caught!

Is ice fishing dangerous? No. It is just an ice-fishing myth. Though walking on ice seems like a terrifying experience, you can trust that the experts at Settle The Hook are experienced and will never take you somewhere dangerous. The ice will not crack, and you will not be plunged into the water and become a giant ice cube. That is for movies and television, a fiction to add drama to an otherwise safe and secure pastime.

Myth 3: You Have To Use Bait Instead of Flies

Incorrect. You can use whatever you want when ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka. Live bait is not required to hook a fish. Using more potent bait will probably yield more results, such as waxworms, minnows, or something else the fish you’re looking to catch will eat, but it is not required. Fish are unique animals, but they are quickly drawn in by something they perceive as food, whether it is food or not.

Recently, summer lures have also worked to attract fish. The animals hunt based on movement and are not necessarily able to “smell” live bait.

Myth 4: It Will Be Boring

Nobody likes a boring trip, but this one ice-fishing myth holds no weight. Why would ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka be boring? You get to fish, take in nature, and breathe fresh, crisp air.

When people think of ice fishing, they think of a solitary person sitting over a small hole trying to catch their meal. Real ice fishing is about the experience, the friends and family you bring, and the joy of spending time together doing something fun. Watching your children pull a fish from the water or seeing your friend slip and land right on their butt are stories that will be told for years.

Now, there is an argument to be made that it could be boring if you went along. But ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka is more than just a fishing trip. It is a chance to get away from it all, go somewhere no one can find you, and revel in the frosted beauty of nature. You can take a deep, chilly breath and smell the coming spring. Besides, there are hundreds of ice anglers just like you wanting to experience the same beauty and joy you will experience. Lake Minnetonka is known for its ice fishing clubs, and you are guaranteed to make lifelong connections over a small hole in the lake.

The only way ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka can be boring is if you do not take full advantage of the opportunity.

Myth 5: Too Much Work, Not Enough Play

If you are not near Minnesota, it can be daunting to travel just for a weekend of ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka. We understand that, but once you make that decision, the rest of the trip becomes one of, if not the greatest, vacation destinations for a lover of the outdoors. And besides, half the fun is the journey. Think about all the places you’ll see on your way out here, all the people you’ll meet, and all the experiences you’ll receive. Memories will continue to grow once you arrive and once you leave.

Ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka is not difficult at all, especially if you bring along help. At Set The Hook, we provide ice fishing equipment, services, and guides to help maximize your fishing experience. Why should you work so hard for something that should be enjoyable? Leave that to us, and focus on making your fishing experience the best.

Don’t Get Hooked By Myths

Now that we’ve gone over all the ice fishing myths you’ve probably heard, let’s discuss why you shouldn’t avoid making the journey to start ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka. Whatever anxieties or myths you may have about ice fishing can easily be put in your mind by contacting us. At Settle The Hook, we are passionate about making your fishing experience memorable.

Now, to reiterate these myths and how we refute them:

It Will Be Too Cold

At Set The Hook, we have a comprehensive guide on what you should bring to ensure your fishing experience is as comfortable as possible. Again, ice fishing is no colder than any other winter sport, so dress appropriately for it and if something happens, know that Lake Minnetonka is famous for its tourism. You won’t have to wait long to find a replacement so you can continue to enjoy your newest passion.

Danger, Danger!

Ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka is safer than driving a car. Minnesota has guidelines on where ice fishing can occur. Our fishing guide experts are natives of the Lake and know exactly how to maximize your fishing experience, so you have a story to tell when you reluctantly leave us.

And, if something did happen, such as frostbite or a thrashing fish whipping you in the face, our fishing guides know exactly what to do and can make a rough moment into a minor inconvenience.

I Don’t Have Bait, Only Flies

Just because you are missing something convenient doesn’t immediately invalidate the adventure you are about to go on. At Set The Hook, we provide bait if you need it, but we also know how to make flies and lures work without the need for bait. Our guides have decades of experience; many have fished with power bait, regular bait, and no bait flies.

It Will Be Boring

It goes without saying, but you get what you bring to ice fishing. Our guides and equipment can turn what you perceive as a tedious endeavor into one everyone will love. Our ice house rentals (with most of the equipment you need to start your adventure the right way, regardless of your experience level) are perfect for a friends and family getaway.

Most ice-fishing myths imply you will be alone, but where is the fun in that? Ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka is an experience that nothing else can replicate. You can bring board games for the kids while the adults trade beers around the fishing hole and prepare a nice meal with the fish you caught.

It is hard to put the ice fishing experience into words, so we won’t even try anymore. Take a look at our testimonials and decide if the ice fishing myths will keep you away!

Too Much Work, No Playtime

Ice fishing is fun for everyone! Regardless of your age or experience, nothing beats a weekend getaway in an ice house, especially if you are from a state where it is a foreign concept to have a frozen lake in winter. Children love it, as it satisfies their desires to see the snow and live out the fantasies they see in cartoons, video games, and internet videos. Our fishing guides contribute to the fun by providing expert tips for all ages to make a big catch and take home something (or eat something) that is worth remembering for years.

We can say wholeheartedly that you get what you put in. But what if you are still skeptical and concerned about those ice-fishing myths? If you attempt to ice fish with the myth of it being too cold, tedious, dangerous, expensive, and too much work, you will enter a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Look For Us on Lake Minnetonka

Ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka can become an annual holiday experience for you and your loved ones. Set The Hook Guides Services can ensure that your yearly holidays will be the best they can be. With our ice houses, supplied equipment, knowledgeable expertise, and dedication to the passion of the sport, we thrive on being able to assist you in whatever you hope to accomplish here at Lake Minnetonka.

Whether it is a family vacation, a friend’s birthday party, a getaway with your partner, or even a team-building activity with coworkers, ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka will be ready for you, teeming with life and memories to be shared. Are you ready for your adventure?

Hire a Fishing Guide on Lake Minnetonka: Why We’re Worth Every Penny

Fishing is one of the oldest pastimes in history. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back on the shore or in a boat, casting your line, and enjoying the eternal beauty of Lake Minnetonka. Every caress of those deep and luscious waves feels like a kiss to the hull, lulling you to sleep just as you feel a tug at the line.

But what if you have never gone fishing? It can be daunting to try and jump right into the sport. We recommend hiring fishing guides for Lake Minnetonka who know the area, know the sport, and are more than happy to help you score the biggest catch.

At Set the Hook Guide Services, we offer Lake Minnetonka fishing guide services to anyone passionate about indulging in one of the most famous weekend pastimes.

Why Do You Need a Guide?

Whether you are an experienced fisherman or an up-and-comer looking to make your first catch, fishing guides for Lake Minnetonka can make your adventure one you’ll remember. Doing an experience on your own may sound fun, but the frustration and hassles that will arrive are not something you want to mar your getaway or family trip.

When you hire fishing guides for Lake Minnetonka, you are not hiring just a guide who will show you where to go. You are engaging in the transfer of experience and knowledge from someone who has navigated the water of Lake Minnetonka for years and can provide the following:


Fishing guides for Lake Minnetonka are experts on the lake. They know the prime fishing spots, the correct bait, and when to expect a catch. Their wisdom is invaluable to any fisherman. Even if you are an experienced fisherman, a fishing guide for Lake Minnetonka could give you new insights into the sport, enhancing your already considerable knowledge.


Fishing guides in Lake Minnetonka bring their equipment, and yours, if you do not have any. Lake Minnetonka fishing guide services supply fishing poles, bait, lures, boats, and more. When you hire a fishing guide, you are set to begin your adventure and create dozens of new memories across all of Lake Minnetonka.


Fishing guides in Lake Minnetonka are a different breed of fishing guides. They are the type of individuals who could spend hours talking about Lake Minnetonka, their most recent catch, and the sensations of calm, caressing waters at the hull of their speedboat. When you hire a fishing guide specializing in Lake Minnetonka, you experience true passion for the sport.

A fishing guide for Lake Minnetonka ensures that your first few catches as a new sportsman will be some of the most memorable experiences you have ever had.

What Happens Without a Guide?

Regardless of your experience level in the sport, fishing guide services are necessary when journeying to places you have never been. Without a guide, you can be caught by the unforeseeable. Maybe your boat breaks down, you lose your rod, or, worst of all, someone gets injured during the sport. A fishing guide ensures these incidents do not become worse than they already are. On top of that, fishing guides for Lake Minnetonka can alleviate common problems associated with the sport:


It can be frustrating to spend hours sitting and casting your line to no avail. Fishing guides in Lake Minnetonka have been fishing in the lake for years and know exactly where you can find the best bites and create the most incredible memories.

It takes a lot of work to gain a fishing license. It does not feel good when you spend hours trying to catch a bite but come home empty-handed. Fishing guides in Lake Minnetonka can help alleviate these frustrations.


Minnesota and Lake Minnetonka are places with their own history, culture, expected norms, and laws that you may not be aware of. Our fishing guides for Lake Minnetonka are native-born and educated in Minnesota. The last thing you want for your weekend getaway is a law enforcement agency making your life difficult over something you didn’t even know existed.

Regarding fishing licenses, our guides can help smooth the transition and eliminate any concerns local authorities might have about your fishing adventure.


Fishing is usually considered a very safe sport, but accidents sometimes happen. Fishers can fall out of their boats, lines can get caught, or fish can thrash so violently that they cause someone serious harm. If you choose to fish in winter, you could slip on the ice, walk over a thin piece of ice, or contract frostbite, which can cause permanent physical damage.

Our Lake Minnetonka fishing guide services connect you with professional sportspeople who know how to handle these situations. We can ensure your safety alongside anyone you decide to bring along on your fantastic adventure.


Nobody knows everything. Whether you are an experienced sportsman, a beginner, or a hobbyist looking to have a good weekend away, our fishing guides at Lake Minnetonka have years of experience. Even if you have driven speedboats and fished professionally for years, it is impossible to predict how Lake Minnetonka will behave.

Our Lake Minnetonka fishing guide services represent the culmination of curated experience in fishing during the summer and winter months. If you have never ice-fished, you can rest easy knowing we are ready to make your experience as memorable as possible.

Set the Hook and Get To It!

At Set the Hook Guide Services, we eliminate the hassle of finding fishing guides for Lake Minnetonka. We provide ice fishing and summer fishing guides for Lake Minnetonka, including equipment (electronics, fishing poles, etc.), transportation, bait, and much more.

We pride ourselves on making your fishing experience the best possible experience for you and your party. No one knows Minnetonka better than us, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Ice Fishing on Lake Minnetonka: How to Ensure a Safe and Fun Experience

Ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka is one of our favorite winter angling retreats. The lake is abundant with bass, pike, walleye, and muskie, and makes for a great outdoor retreat any time of the year. Grab your fishing gear, some friends, and family, and get out on the water!

Winter fishing is a different beast. There really is nothing like it. Inexperienced anglers might struggle or wonder how best to go out on the ice, however—and with good reason. Lake Minnetonka is a beautiful place, and in winter it holds a charm all its own. However, it’s not without risk: The ice can be treacherous, and if you’re unprepared or fail to respect the ice and cold, you may find yourself in trouble. But going in fully prepared and knowing what to expect will not only keep you safe but also allow you to tackle the unique challenges of ice fishing and reap the reward of fish and fun!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for tips on making the best of your ice fishing experience. The first and best thing you can do is trust the best ice fishing guides Minnesota has to offer. There’s a reason why our name tops the list when people search for “MN ice house rental.” We’ve got the best ice houses on the market, loaded with equipment, so you have the best and safest ice fishing experience possible.

This short guide will give you some of the best advice from our decades of experience in ice fishing. We can’t recommend this amazing outdoor activity enough, but we caution you to follow these tips to ensure that you have a safe and fun experience. With this guide, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy all the rich bounties that Lake Minnetonka holds, no matter how deep into winter we are!

Expert Guidance

Ice fishing is fun, and there are few places as scenic as Lake Minnetonka in the middle of winter. For beginners, though, using knowledgeable and experienced ice fishing guides, who know the area, is critical to have the best ice fishing experience. We’re the best top fishing guides in Minnesota, and we know the lake like our own backyard—because it is! We can help you understand when and where to fish and how to avoid the dangers, so you get all the charm of the wintry lake, all the fun of fishing, and none of the potential hazards.

Do yourself a favor and trust the hard-earned experience of our years on the ice. Make the most of your trip and enjoy some memories that will last you a lifetime!

Know Your Ice

Knowing what you’re dealing with is the most important element of ice fishing, whether you’re going out alone or hiring experts to guide you: Even experienced anglers have to respect the winter conditions (that’s how they become experienced anglers!). Here are some of the potential risks of failing to properly prepare or not showing enough respect for the ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka:

  • Hypothermia: The freezing cold air can sap your strength quickly if you’re not properly insulated, and it’s easy to feel like you’re “just a little cold” when in reality you’re losing a dangerous amount of body heat. Hypothermia can be life-threatening and symptoms should not be ignored. Layer up!
  • Frostbite: When your skin is exposed to very cold temperatures and wind, it’s susceptible to frostbite, but it can also happen to skin that is covered. Frostbite can be a serious medical condition causing tissue damage that could lead to amputation or even death. Did we mention you should layer up?
  • Thin Ice: This is the most dangerous hazard of all. If you misjudge the thickness of the ice, which is easy to do when you don’t know what to look for, it can break under you, potentially dropping you into the frigid water. Just hearing the sound of the ice cracking beneath you is scary enough.

Ice breaking is a winter angler’s worst nightmare. Going into that freezing-cold water is serious enough to be life-threatening, as the cold will immediately weaken your body. You can also find yourself getting lost under the ice and unable to find the surface hole. Let’s try to avoid those things by respecting Mother Nature’s conditions and following a few safety guidelines.

Note that there’s no such thing as “safe ice.” That is, all ice has some risks, which is why we recommend you bring guides with you on your ice fishing trip to help mitigate those risks. Check with local bait shops because they can tell you more about the ice. Make sure that the ice is at least four inches thick to walk on, and remember that clear ice is sturdier than the cloudy stuff.

Proper Equipment

Proper gear is a must for a safe and pleasant ice fishing experience. The best part of preparation is knowledge, but the next best thing to remember is packing proper equipment. The gear will help you stay safe, enjoy the ice longer, and be your best friend on the ice!

Ice Houses

Fully-stocked ice houses are one of the best ways to make the most of your time on the ice. This is where Set the Hook shines. We have the best ice houses on the market, and they’re loaded with equipment to help you get started and catch some fish! Here are some of the amazing features that each of these ice houses offers for the winter angler:

  • Bait, rods, reels, and other fishing equipment, including some underwater cameras
  • Fishing holes
  • Heating, generators, and cooktops
  • TVs, beds, and more
  • Insulated floors to keep your feet warm

No more having to search “best MN ice house rentals” — we’ve got them right here!

We’ll Get You Hooked on Ice Fishing

Keep these handy tips in mind and you’ll be able to enjoy the ice like an experienced angler, no matter your level of expertise. Trust our guides to provide you with an informative and entertaining ice fishing experience. You’re sure to catch some fish, enjoy some laughs and make memories that will last a lifetime, all amid the breathtaking beauty of Lake Minnetonka in winter.

Guided Ice Fishing Trips in Minnesota: 5 Ways We Make Them Unforgettable

Few things can stop an enthusiastic angler from getting out there and enjoying the catch! Winter fishing offers its own challenges and rewards, including the beautiful scenery of Lake Minnetonka in the wintertime. Ice fishing is a unique experience and can make for a memorable trip for you and your family, but we know a few ways that you can take your trip to the next level. For guided ice fishing trips, Minnesota has some of the best scenery, the best fishing spots, and the best ice fishing guides. Minnesota’s own Set the Hook offers guided fishing trips all year round to help you make the most of your time out on the water, whether it’s frozen or not.

If you want to come out on the water with us, we’ll show you the full range of fun that Lake Minnetonka has to offer. You can learn how to fish without worrying about what gear to buy from our experts with decades of fishing experience. Then you’ll be able to take that enthusiasm with you when you go to buy your own fishing equipment. We’ll show you how to stay safe on the ice, and our guides will ensure you can maximize your fun without putting you or your family at risk.

Do you want to fish while in the lap of luxury? Our ice houses give you all the comforts of home, even while you’re out on the ice, landing fish and sharing some good food and laughs with your people. It may be cold outside, but you’ll be nice and comfortable while you’re catching fish and enjoying those beautiful sights of Lake Minnetonka. Ice fishing is one of our favorite winter activities; we can’t wait to share it with you.

So put on your enthusiasm, grab some hot chocolate, and let the best ice fishing guides in Minnesota take you on an adventure you’ll never forget. In fact, here are five ways we can help make sure your Lake Minnetonka ice fishing trip is unforgettable with plenty of memories to last a lifetime.

Fishing Tips From the Experts

Whether you’re ice fishing or summer fishing, Lake Minnetonka offers an abundance of fish to catch no matter what time of year you visit. The lake is rich with bass making them popular for eating and releasing. They are also known for putting up a good fight, which always enriches the fishing experience.

Unlike many other fish, bass don’t require specialized equipment to catch properly, which is why they’re a good starter fish for beginners. They also bite, whether it’s a hot summer or a bitterly cold winter. Of all the fish we help adventurous families hook, bass remain one of the top choices for the ease of finding, catching, and cooking. We’ll get you started with the knowledge that will serve you well whenever you decide to go angling for bass.

If bass are the most accessible fish, walleye are the most delicious. Lake Minnetonka’s best-kept secret is the challenging walleye fish. They’re harder to catch than the bass, but they are popular because they are so tasty. Because of their elusive nature, walleye present a more significant challenge for anglers than bass or other fish in Lake Minnetonka. All these factors make walleye the perfect catch for bragging rights—and the dinner table. We’ll teach you some of the best techniques for catching walleye, and we might even share a few of our favorite recipes with you.

Every Lake Minnetonka ice fishing trip can stand to have a few more pike. These fish are well-liked because they are healthy and delicious, a true Minnesota treat. They’re also serious fighters and can get big (17-25 inches in length on average, topping out around 40 inches). If you want bragging rights or you fancy a real challenge at the end of your line, we definitely recommend going for pike, and we’ll be happy to show you the best places to find them and our favorite techniques for catching them.

Don’t let the name fool you: Crappies always make for a delightful angling experience. Not only do they have a unique flavor, but they’re also abundant in Lake Minnetonka. Fishing for crappies is relaxing because they’re easy to find and not too difficult to reel in (i.e., they’re great for younger anglers and newbies). You can take it easy while you reel in some tasty treats, enjoying the view and the company.

We’ll share our best tips and tricks for catching these different kinds of fish. We’ve been fishing these waters for decades, and we share our years of firsthand experience with you and your guests on all our guided ice fishing trips. Minnesota’s most delicious bounties await!

We Bring the Gear; You Bring Your Enthusiasm

Fishing is a great sport, but for new anglers, the hassle (and expense) of buying gear can seem like a barrier to entry — no need to worry with Set the Hook. If you want to give fishing a try without purchasing your own equipment, look no further than one of our guided ice fishing trips. Minnesota is a mecca for angling enthusiasts because it’s home to some of the best fishing lakes in North America and some of the most popular fish to catch, amongst some of the most beautiful winter scenery. Over the years, we’ve welcomed countless first-time anglers who leave full-fledged fishing enthusiasts. We want you to be part of that group, so we provide all the equipment you need — bait and tackle, rods, reels, lines, and tip-ups — to ice fish. We’ll even drill the holes for you!

The only things you need to bring are your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. If you’ve never fished with underwater cameras, you can also add that to your list of unique fishing experiences. Our underwater cameras will give you a new perspective and a look into the fascinating world of the fish beneath the ice.

You can take advantage of the advancements in fishing equipment technology without having to worry about the cost. The gear is included in the price of our guided trips because we want you to get a taste of the real angling experience. After all, we think the sport speaks for itself. Once you’ve had a chance to try this amazing outdoor adventure, you’ll return year after year. Bring your family, fill up your cameras with great pictures, and discover the rugged natural beauty of Lake Minnetonka in the wintertime.

We promise that you, like your fish, will stay hooked!

Ice Home Away From Home

The best way to enjoy your time on the ice is with an ice home away from home. For many people, the best part of our guided ice fishing trips is the ice houses we rent. The ice houses come in several different models, all of which are ready to turn your ice fishing retreat into the perfect getaway. Our ice houses are the most comfortable and accommodating on the market and come stocked with a full suite of amenities.

We use insulated floors to keep your feet warm, even while you’ve got lines in the water, so you never feel too chilly to enjoy your time on Lake Minnetonka. Each ice house also features several fishing holes, and by the time you arrive, we’ll have them pre-drilled so that you can get straight to the fishing. That’s what we all came here for, after all.

All of our ice house models come equipped with a generator and heat, and we’ll also make sure to have the house warmed up before you arrive. When we say luxurious, we mean it. Our ice houses also feature a TV to watch while you’re fishing, during meals, or at night while trying to wind down before bed. And yes, we have beds too.

Oh, that’s right — up to five people can sleep comfortably in these babies, so feel free to bring your family or friends along for the trip. You can fish all day, spend the night enjoying the day’s catch, then sleep comfortably in the beautiful Lake Minnetonka outdoors. It’s hard to argue with that!

With so many comforts of home, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything while fishing with us. We’ve got you covered with the best and most comfortable ice houses in Minnesota, and it’s one more reason why we’re the best fishing guides in the area.

Stay Safe on the Ice

Safety is paramount on the ice. While Lake Minnetonka is beautiful in the winter, it can be dangerous to those who are unprepared or who fail to respect the winter conditions properly. Ice, especially, is fraught with risks for those who don’t know what to look for and how to treat it with due caution. Ice is deceptively fragile and durable by turns, so you always want to know exactly what you’re dealing with before you go out. We have the expertise to help keep you safe, and that’s something we make a top priority on every one of our guided fishing trips.

For example, did you know that clear ice is safer to stand on than cloudy ice? Clear ice is stronger than the cloudy stuff, which indicates imperfections and structural integrity loss. The ice should always be at least four inches thick to walk on, but there are certain areas where it should be thicker. In some places, the ice might not get four inches thick. Some areas can be thinner than others, but we know exactly what to look for to keep you safe.

We understand your family is the most important thing in the world to you, so they are the most important thing to us too. With our safety training and operating guidelines, as well as our top-of-the-line equipment and decades of experience fishing on the ice, we’ll be able to keep you and your family safe and focused on the fun.

Fun and Fins

Speaking of fun, we also love to share the fun and joy of ice fishing with our guests. We’ve been doing this for a long time with decades of combined experience in the area. At Set the Hook, we know Lake Minnetonka and Minnesota better than anyone. There’s so much to love about the area; we’ll share that with you through our friendly and knowledgeable guides. Your group can have a few laughs as you create memories that can only be made on a unique outdoor adventure like ice fishing.

Come prepared to share some good times, take some pictures, and enjoy all that the great outdoors in Minnesota has to offer!

Let Us Be Your Guides

For the best guided ice fishing trips, Minnesota can do no better than Set the Hook! We’ve got the gear, the grins, and we’ll make sure you get the fins! Whether you want to catch your dinner and eat it out in nature or take some home with you, our goal is to make sure you can’t stop smiling from the moment you get out here until the moment you get home.

Let our ice houses be your home away from home to help inspire your spirit of adventure. All of the scenic fishing and unforgettable fun await!

Rent an Ice House in Minnesota: What’s Included for Your Trip

Set the Hook is the perfect place to go out if you’re looking for guided ice fishing trips in Minnesota. You can enjoy the outdoors while catching some fish from the comfort of an ice house. Lakes Minnetonka and Waconia offer breathtaking winter scenery, all the light, and fun of the Twin Cities area, and some of the best ice fishing to be found anywhere. Whether you’re an experienced ice angler or new to the sport and looking to rent an ice house, Minnesota’s best fishing tours are right here, with Set the Hook.

We offer fully-stocked ice houses as well as guided ice fishing tours. People searching for “MN ice house rentals” come to us for a reason:

  • We have the experience.
  • We have the equipment.
  • We know exactly how to keep you safe on your fishing trip so that you can focus on what really matters.

Make some memories that will last a lifetime, catch some fish, and do it all amid a gorgeous winter backdrop that includes the pristine scenery of Lake Minnetonka.

If you’re wondering what to expect with your rental, this guide will explain some of the amazing features and benefits of our for-rent ice house. Minnesota has opportunities for spectacular ice fishing. We welcome you to join us and partake in the best ice houses on the market!

Expert Guidance is a Sound Investment

Experience matters, especially when you’re dealing with the ice. While the scenery is beautiful and fishing is a fun sport that your whole family can enjoy, the frozen lake conditions come with risks. Knowing how to mitigate risk, what to look for, and also where to find the best fishing are all things that expert guides will offer for your outdoor adventure.

Set the Hook has guided ice fishing tours because we want everyone to be able to enjoy this richly rewarding experience, and we know the area better than anyone else. It’s practically our backyard; our guides have lived and fished these waters for decades, and it shows. We know where to find the biggest and best fish, whether you’re hunting bass or looking for some other kinds of game fish that are abundant in Lake Minnetonka.

When it comes to winter conditions, that experience really comes in handy. Our tours let you safely enjoy ice fishing so that you and your family can make the most of your time on the lake.

Safety First

Safety is paramount when you’re out on the ice. The scenery is stunning, but if you are unprepared or fail to respect nature, you can find your good time coming to a quick end. This is why we recommend that you rent an ice house. Minnesota’s winter conditions are severe enough to warrant due caution, but with the right gear, you’ll keep yourself safe while getting to reap all the benefits of outdoor winter activities.

Our ice houses have insulated floors to help keep your feet warm and protect you from the worst of the cold. There are holes in the floor; some models come with lights above each fishing hole, and every hole will be pre-drilled. The heat will be on, so when you arrive, you’re already right in the lap of luxury. You don’t have to worry about finding the right fishing places or drilling properly for the thickness of the ice; we’ll take care of all that for you, leaving you with just the fun stuff!

Our luxury ice houses have heating, generators, and a full stock of fishing equipment: bait, rods, reels, underwater cameras, and the whole works.

Good Time for the Whole Group

Bringing your whole family is a great way to make the trip even more exciting. Our luxurious ice houses offer a full suite of amenities so that you don’t have to give up any of your comforts while you’re enjoying the icy outdoors. In addition to the heating mentioned above, our ice houses provide electricity so that you can have light, and even a TV for those times you want to watch something while waiting for that bite, or when you’re unwinding for bed at night. Speaking of which, our ice houses can comfortably sleep multiple people, so you have every reason to bring your family with you on the trip.

Maybe you want to cook some of your catches, or you would like to enjoy some favorite family recipes while you’re out on the ice. We’ve got you covered with cooktops and ovens that let you enjoy a hot meal, no matter how cold it is outside! A microwave is perfect for those quick snacks or to reheat your cocoa or tea! Some models include a dinette, so you can even share a meal over the table.

You can also enjoy some tunes with our stereos and CD players because a bit of music to go with your fishing can be a nice change of pace. Or, you can open up multiple windows and enjoy the sounds of the outdoors.

With the combination of our guided ice fishing trips, Minnesota’s best ice houses to rent, and a spirit of adventure, you’re sure to have a great time on Lake Minnetonka.

Becoming Addicted to Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is amazingly addictive. Look at all those results for “MN ice house rental” searches—it’s a popular search for a reason! Fishing during the summer is great, but winter fishing offers a quiet, serene charm you can’t find anywhere else. We’re here to help you make the most of your time on the ice so that you don’t have to worry about prep and maintenance. If you book a guided ice fishing trip with Set the Hook, you’ll get all the fun with no hassle!

Come see what Lake Minnetonka has to offer in the wintertime. Bring your family, catch some fish, and make some memories.