Backcountry Fishing Guides Key West

Backcountry Fishing Guides Key West

Fishing is one of the most widespread family activities while spending your vacation in Florida. It is pretty easy to find backcountry fishing guides in Key West but none of them as professional as BackCountry Key West Charters.

What should I pack for my fishing trip?

When preparing for your fishing adventure in the Flats or Backcountry make sure are packing lite. You will have to bring only a spare pant, socks or shoes in case the ones you wear will get wet. And, please, don’t forget to bring your hat, the sunblock, and the lip balm since we will be the whole day outside, under the sun.

We will bring the tackles, and the most effective bait and lures to make sure that you will catch the big one. In case you have any particular preferences or needs give us a call before your trip. Our boat will be ready for you in the morning, packed with all the essentials.

Best fishing places in the Keys

With over 50 fishing tournaments per year, the Keys are rightly called the fishing capital of the world. And not only the contests made the place famous but also the multitude of sites where anglers can get a nice catch:

  • Islamorada – or the so-called sport fishing capital of the world comprises of six islands. The place is the favorite spot of the backcountry fishing guides in Key West to bring them anglers.
  • Marathon – islands are famous for the big fishes like tarpons, merlins, or barracudas, so if you are into this, Marathon is the right place for you.
  • Big Pine Key – it is a popular destination for snorkeling and diving, but you also can get back home some small mangrove’s catch.
  • Key West – is probably the most famous of the island and the last home of many shipwrecks. Island is also known for a wide variety of fish species
  • The Flats and Backcountry – stretching from Key Biscayne to Key West and covering almost 4000 square miles, the place is famous for the mangroves and the calm waters. The experienced and the new anglers alike will find it enjoyable and will also get a good catch.
  • Key Largo – is the longest island in the Keys and home for almost 600 species of fish making it the angler’s paradise.
  • Bridge fishing – you have no boat? Then do what locals do – “hop the bridges.”

Do you need a fishing license in Key West?

You will not need a license if you are under 16, or above 65 years of age, or if you go on a fishing trip with the backcountry fishing guides in Key West. It will be our responsibility to provide all the requested permits for our clients, so you do not have to worry about it.

Apart from the license at BackCountry Key West Charters, we also know the best places to fish, depending on the season and your preferences. You just have to bring your family and friends and enjoy your trip.

Backcountry Fishing Guides Key West