Beretta firearms are some of the most sought after in the world. Get your hands on a classic handgun from Rangeview Sports.

What are the benefits of a Beretta handgun?

The Beretta passes muster with the United States Department of Defense for a reason. An open slide reduces the chance of a stovepipe jam. These guns are:

  • Manufactured by one of the oldest existing manufacturers
  • Upgradeable
  • Deployed by militaries around the world
  • Includes a decocker for safety

Reliability, accuracy, and ease of use are among these guns’ solid traits. Decades of experience prove themselves on the range and in sport.

Upgrading a Beretta

A pistol from this iconic company is easy to upgrade. The 1913 rail mount lets you purchase aftermarket parts with ease.

Sport shooters need to be able to interchange scopes, weights, and grips. Attach the scopes you need to win to our award-winning pistols. Competition works best with the right tools.

Beretta 92 series handgun

The 92 series handgun first entered production in 1975. There are many variants using a variety of different types of ammunition.

The gun comes with a standard 15 round magazine except where laws prohibit the sale of such firearms. In the hands of the United States military, this weapon is designated as the respectable M9.

Does Beretta sell shotguns and rifles?

This company offers more than handguns. Pigeon shooters and hunters benefit from the experience this manufacturer has.

Accuracy is crucial when using a shotgun or rifle. Beretta brings its approval in the military sphere to the production of a variety of firearms.

Where can I find the Cx4 Carbine?

Among the companies most powerful and widely used rifles is the Cx4 carbine. This semiautomatic rifle is perfect for home defense and hobbyists.

Law enforcement agencies use this weapon. The stopping power this firearm can use parabellum, .45 ACP, and other forms of ammunition with serious stopping power.

How do I obtain a firearm in Canada?

Firearms are more regulated than other North American countries. You need to take the Canadian Firearm Safety Class or CFSC as well as a Personal Acquisition License. If you are seeking a semi-automatic rifle, you will need to seek a restricted firearms license as well.

The class involves a test covering topics ranging from firearms safety to the proper handling and car of guns. You will need to demonstrate further skills and capability when applying for more guarded products.

How often do I need to renew my license?

The PAL you need to purchase a gun in Canada must be renewed every five years. This license allows you to purchase ammunition, add-ons, and other items that help make your Beretta a powerful sporting and hunting gun.

You are always subject to a background check. Felons may not obtain firearms.

Purchasing a Beretta in Canada

Beretta is one of the oldest and most respected firearms in the world. Known for its accuracy, reliability, and extendibility, these weapons are capable and popular.

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