best haunted houses in Alabama

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best haunted houses in Alabama

Phobia Factory is among the best haunted houses in Alabama. Taking your fears to the next level, our attractions send you on a thrill ride unlike any other. Enter the world of your nightmares this Halloween with a truly hair-raising experience.

Ditch the Childish Thrills

Haunted houses are no longer a simple attraction. Costumed figures, mirrors, and fog are cliché but leave visitors wanting something more. There is no reason to settle for an expensive cruise through a Halloween themed lazy river.

Haunted houses increasingly mirror Hollywood. The same jolt that viewers found when watching Signs, the fright from Friday the Thirteenth, and even the gut-wrenching effects of Texas Chainsaw Massacre are appearing in haunted houses across the country.

Where can I relive a horror movie?

Treat your friends and family to an experience they will never forget this Halloween. There are options to experience the ultimate scare no matter where you are.

The Asylum in Tooele, Utah converted a nursing home and hospital into a unique experience while placing customers at the center of the experience. Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross, Georgia places visitors at the center of their own horror movie.

There is even the opportunity to enter the underworld of the former Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Options are plentiful no matter where you are.

Taking Scares to a New Level

Phobia Factory targets the inner fears of every visitor. Everyone experiences some level of fright amidst black holes, dark swamps, flea infested rats, and even death.

Our haunted house combines over fifteen different fears to create a netherworldly experience.  The former factory we chose to build our experience in churns out a multitude of frights that are well worth the ticket price. From the Vertigo Wall to the House of Illusions we provide a chilling experience unlike any other.

Our carefully planned attractions go well beyond the childish tricks that other attractions claim offer a true scare. We target real fears to truly make you scream.

How does a haunted house work?

Phobia Factory delves deep into the psyche to explore every aspect of terror. Our site picks at every part a visitor’s past in a location unlike any other.

We pack the large interior of our factory with unforeseen danger. Snakes will pop out, you will find yourself clawing your way through a sinister Southern swamp, and more. Leave the factory behind and enter a fight or flight scenario unlike any other.

Where can I find a haunted house in Alabama?

Our location in Columbiana Alabama sits in the heart of an iconic state. Steeped in history and seething with haunted history. We channel the ghostly spirit that haunts the old courthouse and the Civil War tunnels at the nearby University of Montevallo.

Stay in the hallowed Pickwick Hotel in Birmingham and come to our heavily wooded neck of the woods for a truly unique experience this Halloween. Phobia Factoria is sure to raise hairs on everyone in your group. Make one of the best haunted houses in Alabama part of your Halloween.


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best haunted houses in Alabama

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