shooting range Chicago

shooting range Chicago

Looking for a great place to get some shooting practice in? Midwest shooting range in Chicago is known locally as the only place to shoot. Affordably priced and professionally managed, Midwest Guns is the locals’ preferred indoor shooting range.

Why shoot indoors, you may ask. That’s an excellent question. What seems like a venue that would severely restrict your options for shooting is actually one that affords the shooter with the most advantages. Shooting in the indoor range in Chicago Midwest Guns offers all of the following benefits:

– If you’ve ever loaded up your handguns, ammo and shooting accessories, driven across the city and arrived at an outdoor range only to discover dark clouds overhead and rain beginning to sprinkle down, you can certainly understand the benefit of being able to plan for your session without worrying about inclement weather. Temperatures and weather conditions do not apply at Midwest Guns’ indoor shooting range.

– Distractions, distractions, distractions- all working to your favor in honing your skills to shoot in loud and adverse conditions. You just can’t develop the skills to focus as intently on your own shooting mechanics when you’re outdoors in a quiet, serene location.

– An indoor range can provide you with the most effective feedback on your marksmanship skills. Feedback is the most effective tool to improve marksmanship and technique. Slowing down until your accuracy improves and then speeding up as you see improvement is the best way to maintain a balance between speed and accuracy.

– Midwest Guns is one of the only shooting range locations in Chicago that offers $15 rental of handguns with unlimited exchanges, so you can try out any and every handgun available to get a feel for your personal preference. If you’re thinking about purchasing a handgun, trying it out beforehand will eliminate the possibility that you’ll buy something you don’t like afterward.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to practice shooting. Experts offer numerous suggestions for getting the most out of every session at a range, including learning how to dry fire your weapon effectively, to ensure every live round fired is to your advantage. Maximizing on your time at the range can best be realized by planning out the time you will spend there. Unless you have an unlimited amount of time and ammo at your disposal, a plan is the best way to take advantage of every minute there.

For example, most shooters are not aware that the double-action first shot is the most-missed shot on the gun range. For this reason, it should be practiced at every opportunity, by use of a one-shot drill, until it no longer poses a problem. You’ll find a wealth of valuable information on how to make the best use of your time at the range by simply searching online.

Visit Midwest Guns shooting range in Chicago and enjoy affordable prices every day of the week, with half-price special rates on Friday. Shoot for $20 all day from Monday through Thursday, or for $15 with an ammo purchase of $10 or more. As always, follow the rules and regulations posted at Midway Guns for your own safety and the safety of others.

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shooting range Chicago

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shooting range Chicago

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