The Clearwater River in North-Central Idaho is home to some of the best B-run steelhead fishing in the world. We’re dealing with real-live river monsters here, as our steelheads often weigh between 20-30 lbs. These fish are quite large and aggressive, and you’ve never caught one before, you will be surprised at how strong they fight. Indeed, inexperienced steelhead fishermen have lost their rods and gone for a plunge in the past.

When steelhead fishing in the Clearwater River Valley, it’s wise to have a steelhead fishing guide. This is true of fishers of all experience levels, from novice to expert. There are some reasons why it’s both practical and beneficial to have a qualified guide. The first reason is safety.

At Steelhead Mania, all of our fishing guides know these waters like the backs of our hands. We know of potential hazards, and we also know the best fishing spots. The second reason is that our tips, tricks, and techniques are proven, and visitors who fish with one of our fishing guides usually catch much more than those who venture out on their own. It’s not uncommon for our guests to go home with more than 20 13+ lb steelheads after a day of guided fishing.

Fun Facts About Steelhead Trout

  • Did you know that steelheads are a variety of saltwater rainbow trout?
  • See more Salmon/Steelhead Identification Information
  • The scientific name for steelhead is “Oncorhynchus Mykiss”
  • Steelhead trout are also known as sea-run rainbow trout
  • Other names: steelhead trout, sea-run rainbow trout
  • The average size of a steelhead in Clearwater River is 13 lbs with some weighing as much as 40 lbs
  • Steelhead trout spawn in the spring
  • Steelhead have two runs, one in summer and one in winter
  • Steelhead rear in freshwater for 2-3 years before heading to the ocean

Understanding Steelhead

Anglers from around the world know that the Clearwater River Valley is the place to go for chinook salmon fishing. Chinook salmon are viewed by many as the tastiest fish meat available. However, steelhead trout often get overlooked. Steelhead is a very delicious fish.

Knowing their behavior makes them easier to catch, and that’s why Steelhead Mania guided fishing trips are so beneficial. The throats of steelhead swell shut when they enter freshwater systems from the ocean. While in the ocean, they feast enough to survive on their fat reserves. After spawning, the fish are hungry and ready to eat. Steelhead Mania knows that this is the best time to catch them.

Catch More Steelhead With Steelhead Mania

Idaho’s fishery programs have played a significant part in the success of increasing steelhead populations in Clearwater River. Between the steelheads from the hatcheries and the wild steelheads that reproduce in Idaho’s tributaries, many of Idaho’s water systems are densely populated with these trophy fish.

Our guided steelhead fishing trips are appropriate for all ages. We work with couples, children, senior citizens, and large or small groups. Our prices are affordable, and our staff is second-to-none. Contact us today to plan your guided steelhead fishing trip.

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