Lake Minnetonka Fishing Guide Service

About Todd Stauffer
Todd Stauffer has been a local resident for over 50 years and has fished the lakes in the area for over 30. He’s fished for tournaments for more than 10 years, taking two 1st place finishes and four 3rd place finishes. When he retired from his tournament career, he turned to guiding on Lake Minnetonka, staying up-to-date with the recent fishing patterns and sharing the joy of fishing with Minnesota residents all around.

Along with Lake Minnetonka, Todd guides on Lake Waconia and other area lakes that hold big fish.

Lake Minnetonka
Lake Minnetonka is a short 20 minute drive from downtown Minneapolis. It is one of Minnesota’s best bass lakes. But it also holds plenty of Northern Pike, Walleye and Muskie if you are after game fish. If you want to catch panfish there is plenty of those to go around. The lake is made up of many different bays. It is like fishing many lakes all in one. Todd also guides on Lake Waconia and other area lakes that hold some big fish.

When people come out on a boat with us, they have the kind of fun they remember years later. With Set The Hook Guide Service as your fishing guide service, you will find the best and biggest fish, while we do all the work.

Corporate Groups Welcome
We welcome groups of any size, including corporate groups. Additional guides and fishing tournaments are available for large group sizes, during both the summer and winter seasons.

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    If you’re looking for an angling adventure out on the water that will create memories to last a lifetime, you need expert fishing guides. Lake Minnetonka turns to Set the Hook, the most experienced local fishing guides in both warm and cold weather. We love to take groups out on the ice and share the joy of ice fishing with them: both a sport and hobby, unlike any other outdoor pastime. We also love to go out when the skies are blue, and the weather is warm! Helping people enjoy the best Lake Minnetonka fishing is what we do—this is our passion, and we’re sure it will be yours, too. 

    While we know how much experienced anglers love to get out on the water, we also want to show new and curious ones the kind of fun they can have on Lake Minnetonka. This is why we take groups of all sizes on our fishing expeditions. You can do some Lake Minnetonka ice fishing or wait until things get warm and windy and get out there to enjoy the sunny weather and leaping fish. Whatever your experience level or seasonal preferences, Set the Hook will be your adventure’s friendly and knowledgeable fishing guides. Lake Minnetonka awaits!

    Why You Should Fish With Us

    Todd Stauffer has been on Lake Minnetonka fishing for over 30 years. He knows the lake like nobody else, having won fishing tournaments, fished in all seasons, and caught every species that calls the lake home. After competitive fishing, Todd turned to guiding others on fishing trips out on Lake Waconia and Lake Minnetonka: ice fishing, snagging bass and pike in the warmer weather, and even leading the best MN ice house rentals to be found anywhere in the State! 

    Lake Minnetonka is perfectly situated just 20 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. The famous lake holds plenty of bounty for the seasoned pro and the rookie angler alike, from bass and pike to walleye and muskie. With Set the Hook as your fishing guides, Lake Minnetonka is your playground. If you like a challenge at the end of your hook, we can do that, and if you prefer to just relax on the water with a drink in hand and soak up the sun while you wait for something to grab your line, we can do that, too. 

    Whether you choose to join us in the cold or warmer months, there’s never a bad time to go fishing with Set the Hook.

    Ice Fishing the Way It’s Meant to Be

    Lake Minnetonka is great for ice fishing. When you set out on an ice fishing trip, you experience the stark beauty of the frozen lake, one of the most scenic views you could ever imagine. On top of that stunning scenery, the lake also offers some of the best ice fishing found anywhere. There’s a certain rugged charm to fishing in the middle of winter, making your mark and enjoying the lake’s bounty even in the middle of the harshest weather. 

    Set the Hook is experienced in taking people out on the ice, no matter their experience level. We promote safety and best practices at all times and encourage you to do so, too. It’s completely safe to fish under our expert guidance, but we all know how cold it can get in good old Minneapolis, MN! Ice house rentals can help keep you warm while you fish, but all the same, every ice-fishing angler must respect the lake in wintertime. Safety is paramount and helps us all keep the focus squarely on the fun of the fishing itself.

    We’ve heard quite a few questions during our years of guiding fishing trips out onto the frozen lake. Here are the answers to some of the more common questions, but we’re always happy to answer any other questions you may have! The more you learn about the sport of ice fishing, the more fun you’ll have, so we are excited to share our hard-earned knowledge with you.

    How Deep is the Water?

    The average depth of Lake Minnetonka is 30 feet, although, at its deepest points, it’s well over 100 feet in depth. The lake is almost 15,000 acres, but it’s still only the ninth-largest lake in Minnesota!

    What Kind of Fish Will We Catch?

    Lake Minnetonka is known for its bass, Northern Pike, Muskie, and Walleye, but it also provides a home for sunfish, crappies, and more. The kinds of fish that bite most vary depending on the time of day and year. During the daylight, we usually catch more bass, pike, and sunfish. After dark, walleye and crappies are more apt to take a bite on your line.

    Do We Use Live Bait?

    Yes, we do use live bait! It’s the most effective bait for the kinds of fish we’re trying to haul in from the lake, especially the fighting fish that offer the best challenges. For live bait, we choose wax worms and minnows of several varieties: crappie, sucker, and shiner. We’ve found that these baits are the most enticing to the big fish.

    How Thick is the Ice?

    The thickness of the ice on Lake Minnetonka varies by the time of the year. On average, it’s about 12 inches thick when we take fishing trips out, which is thick enough to support safe ice fishing expeditions. As a general rule, we look for clear ice, not cloudy, and we test it thoroughly to ensure the safety of everyone on the trip.

    Do We Drill the Holes?

    You won’t have to drill holes on your ice fishing trip. When you arrive, you’ll find the holes pre-drilled so that you can get to the fun part—actually putting lines in the water!

    What Kinds of Ice Houses Do You Have?

    Our ice houses are the best you can find in Lake Minnetonka. Houses are 8’ by 16’ and equipped with TV, generator, oven, cooktop, bathroom, and more amenities. This is more than just a simple shack set up over an ice-fishing hole! The houses expand in size and features as they scale up to our larger models, which include insulated floors to keep your feet warm. Whatever size you choose, there’s plenty of room and charm in each one, and we’ll be sure to get the heat on for when you arrive.

    Guided Warm Weather Fishing

    Fishing in the spring and summer, when things get warmer and greener, is also a great time to go on a guided tour. The scenery is as beautiful as you will find anywhere in the world, and the fish are in their prime, ready to put up the best fight and make for the most entertaining stories. In the warmer seasons, we will take you to multiple fishing spots to cast your line. Warm-weather fishing makes it easier to move around on the lake, which means more chances at landing the big one that will make your entire fishing season! 

    Here are the answers to some of the most common fishing questions we have about our fishing trips from spring through the tail end of summer. 

    What Fish Will We Catch?

    While the same kinds of fish inhabit the lake all year, the different seasons see some biting more than others as habits change with the environment. From May until about October, most of our trips feature a lot of largemouth bass and Northern pike catches. Occasionally, we’ll haul in walleye and musky, so if you’re a fan of either of these species, chances are you’ll get at least one!

    In April and early May, before summer is in full swing, we typically target a lot of sunfish and crappies. It’s the best time of year to catch them before things get too warm and the other fish primarily take over.

    How Many Places Do We Fish?

    For most trips, in both winter and summer, we will fish 3-6 locations. In the warmer months, it’s easier to fish in more areas because it’s simply a matter of reading the weather and taking out the boat. In winter, we have to drill the holes and thoroughly test the ice to ensure it’s thick enough to support ice fishing.

    All Groups Are Welcome

    We welcome groups large and small, and that includes corporate groups! As a fun company getaway or team-building activity, we can group multiple ice houses together to accommodate your larger group and make sure everyone gets in on the fun. Enjoy tournament-style fishing events hosted by your expert fishing guides. Lake Minnetonka is our playground, and now it’s yours, too! 

    We offer four, six, and eight-hour trips, and our rentals come in half-day (six-hour) and full-day (24-hour) options, so you never feel like you’re rushed for time. Everyone should be able to enjoy fishing on the lake, so if you have any questions, contact us; we’ll be happy to figure out how we can meet your group’s needs. 

    The best fishing trips in Minnesota just got better—so we hope you’re ready to make lifelong memories of fun and adventure!